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Why to Confront Anti-Shi’ism

In the modern era, in which human rights has a significantly important position, we are still witnessing the tragic scenes of genocide, discrimination and atrocities based on racial, national, or religious differences. The most unfortunate of all is that high frequency of the news on genocide and violence against groups around the world has gradually pushed the “already-occupied” mind of human towards indifference and has categorized such crimes as “sad but normal” events that are part of our day-to-day life.

The inter-connectivity of the world through informational, financial, political, and cultural junction points and above all humanity-wise has tied our future to each other such that prosperity, peace and security of one is not only inseparable, but also linked with those of others. In such a global setting, the fair, unbiased, and consistent prevention and confrontation of of discrimination, oppression and genocide at any level or scale against any groups is essential for our safe and peaceful journey to prosperity.

Shia Muslims are largest minority group within Islam,  with an identity independent of any specific nation, ethnic group and political views,  who have been targeted with violence, oppression and massacres across many countries. Another holocaust has been happening throughout the world this time against Shia Muslims as new sites of mass graves of buried-alive women and children, are being found. Unfortunately such crimes have been overshadowed by short-term political interests and myths about Shia being tied to specific nation or even race. Such fallacies have become obstacles to world’s attention in capturing and condemning crimes against Shia across the world and have opened the way for tyrants to commit their atrocities with more impudence.

Despite our different political, national, and religious views, it is crucial for every individual, groups and nation to condemn crimes against Shia Muslims and other groups, prevent genocide and respond timely to acts of tyranny to prevent violence and resolve conflicts, actively seek justice through legal bodies and fight and cure extremism with moderation and tolerance to integrate security into the globe and laying  a long term working strategy towards peace and prosperity.

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