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Announcing our 2013-14 Shia Rights Watch Scholarship!

Shia Rights Watch is glad to offer scholarship to active members of the society. Students who care to advocate for human rights are invited to take advantage of this scholarship. SRW aims to encourage students to learn about their rights as human and advocate for those Shia Muslims whose rights are being violated in many parts of the world such as Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Bahrain, Egypt, Syria, Malaysia, Indonesia ect.

The good news is there are no restriction and no deadline. Every student is welcome to apply at any time.

Amount: $300

How to Apply:


    1. Research and write a paper about Shia rights violations
    2. Fill out the application
    3. Upload your research paper and resume
    4. SUBMIT


Write 8 to 15 pages essay about Anti-Shi’ism. Who are Shia Muslims? What does Anti-Shi’ism mean? Examples? Political and historical examples.

The paper should be based on scholarly articles, news, and policies. All sources are required. The paper could be in MLA or APA format. The paper is not evaluated based on style but accurate information.

(Students are welcome to contact the organization researcher if need clarification regarding the topic)

Note: Good research papers will be published on the organization’s web site with the actual name and information of the author/researcher.


Please upload your current resume (Saved as a PDF), covering the past three years and indicating experience (work and/or volunteer), memberships and/or affiliations, leadership experience, honors and awards, and significant contributions to the community.
* Note: Your Resume and Essay Must Be in a PDF File Format*

Application Form

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