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AntiShiism_january 2015

Month Day Year City country Type of AttackKilled Wounded Arrests Responsible PartyDescription/note
January12015SanabisBahrain Arrest6Arrest of 6 in the city of Sanabis
January 12015Basra & BaghdadIraqBomber & Shooting91Basra: 3 clergymen killed via gunfire, Baghdad:6 killed by IED
January22015BaghdadIraqBomb4Baghdad- IED
January 32015NasiriayaIraqBomb81 killed in Nasiriaya and 7 killed via IED
Januray 42015Sebe albourIraqMortars412North of Baghdad ( Town of Sebe albour) Attack by Mortar
January42015SoweybIraqBomb516North of Baghdad town of Soweyb By road side bombing
January 42015Madaen & BaghdadIraqUnanswered102 bodies found in Madaen and 8 kiiled in Baghdad
January 52015BaghdadIraqShooting9Baghdad via gunfire
january62015BaghdadiraqBomb101 clergyman wounded on Jan1 dies, 9 killed via IED in Baghdad
January 72015KarachiPakistan Shooting3Sipah-e-SahabaThree Shia shot and killed by Taliban-linked militants, including 15 year old boy
January 72015BaghdadIraqBomber615Suicide bomber in South Baghdad "Mahmoudiya"
January82015SameraIraqMortars4450Attack by Mortar to the city of Samera
January 82015SamarraIraqBombers & Shooting189 killed by suicide bomber, 1 via gunfire; Suicide bomber kills 8 in Samarra
January 92015Samarra & BaghdadIraqBomb3732 killed in clashes in Samara; IED kills 5 in Baghdad
January92015RawalpindiPakistanBomber7TalibanTaliban suicide bomber stopped at Mosque gates, killed 7 and wounded several
January 92015SamarraIraq Bomb341Three bombings in the city of Samarra
January 102015Madaen & BaghdadIraqBomb9IED kills in 6 in Baghdad and 3 in Madaen
January112015LebanonBombers937 2 Suicide bomber exploded himself in "Emran" coffee, first suide bomber attract people and second one took the life of people gathered in the scene
January112015BaghdadIraqBomb8Baghdad: 3 killed via IED, Dujail clashes leace 4 dead; 1 body found in Babil
January122015Abasiya & BaghdadIraqBombs19Suicide bomber car kills 10 in Abasiya; IED and gunfire leave 9 dead in Baghdad
January122015PuriBahrainArrest6Arrest of 6 shia by bahrain police after attack to the houses
January122015Bahrain Beaten45Protest for releasing Sheikh Salman " Leader of Alwifaq "
January 132015SitraBahrain Arrest3Arrest of Mahmoud Asil 15, Abbas Nikal 15 and Hussein Ali 14, with accusation of throuying stone to police station
January 132015RawalpindiPakistan Bomb816Shia mosque bombed in the Pakistani city of Rawalpindi as members of the community gathered to commemorate birthday of Prophet Muhammad
January142015BaghdadIraqBomb4IEDs leave four dead in Baghdad
January152015Dujail & BaghdadIraqBomb101 killed in Basra; 1 body found in Samarra; 5 killed in Baghdad; IED kills 3 in Dujail
January162015Samarra & BaghdadIraqMortars31Mortars kill 9 in Baghdad; 22 kille din Samarra
January162015ManamaBahrain Attack on the mosque Al-Ammar in Manama
January172015Iskandariya & BaghdadIraqBombing & Shooting13IED kills 4 in Iskandariya; IED and gunfire kill 9 in Baghdad
January172015BaghdadIraqBomber310East of Baghdad "Meridi Bazaar" Sucide bomb
January 172015BaghdadIraqBomb520Baghdad "Haye Oor" Explosion outside resturant
January172015EskendariaIraqBomb4Eskendaria "Meliviha" roadside bomb
January 182015Bahrain Tear Gas1Abdul Aziz Salman Hussein saeed killed By inhailing TearGas
January182015TuzIraqBomb1325ISILAttack by ISIS to the north of Iraq "Tuz Khormato", Turkeman shia were targeted
January212015TajiIraqBomb26Roadside bomb planted for the Bus in the north of baghdad "Taji"
January212015Taji & BaghdadIraqBombing & Shooting9Gunfire and IED kills 7 in Baghdad; IED kills 2 in Taji
January222015Samarra & BaghdadIraqBomber15Suicide bomber detonation kills 8 in Baghdad; "booby-trapped" houses lead to death of 6 in Samarra' 1 Imam shot in Basra
January242015BaghdadIraqBomb1714 killed via EID in Baghdad
January252015BaghdadIraqBomb17IED kills 17 in Baghdad
January252015BaghdadIraqBomb721Suiside bomb outside of resturant and the Bazaar "haraj" in the center of Baghdad
January 272015Bahrain 99 people arrested over social media posts
January272015Baghdad, Dujail & BasraIraqBombing, Shooting & Mortars10IED/ gunfire kills 6 in Baghdad; Mortars kill 3 in Dujail; 1 killed via gunfire in Basra
January282015Maysan & BaghdadIraq21 body found in Maysan; 1 dead in Baghdad
January302015IslamabadPakistan Bomb6050JundullahBombing outside of Shia mosque after Friday Prayers
January 302015Samarra & BaghdadIraqBomber & Mortars52IED/ mortar kills 46 in Baghdad; Suicide bomber kills 4 in Samarra; IED outside on mosque kills 2
January 302015Bahrain Shooting1Regime Forces13 year old boy shot in the face by bahraini security forces at rally to support Sheikh Salman
January 312015Bahrain Regime ForcesBahrain revokes the nationality of 72 people
January 312015Baghdad, Madaen & IskandariyaIraqBombing & Shooting97 killed via gunfire in Baghdad; IED kills 2 in Madaen; 1 body found in Iskandariya
January 312015OrangiPakistan Shooting1Sipahe-eSahabah70 year old Shia man shot outside of a hotel in the city of Orangi
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